MP backs HIV testing week

MP Graham Allen gets an HIV test
MP Graham Allen gets an HIV test

Nottingham North MP Graham Allen is supporting National HIV Testing Week, which runs from the 22nd until the 30th of November.

He said: “National HIV Testing Week is an important opportunity for people to check if they have HIV. All it takes is a simple free blood test, so easy that if an MP can do it so can you!”

This will be the third annual HIV Testing Week with its primary aim to break down the stigma of testing and increase testing among gay and bisexual men and African people, the two groups who are most at risk of HIV infection.

One in five people living with HIV in the UK remain undiagnosed, which is a risk to their long term health and increases the likelihood of onward transmission.

Mr Allen said: “Because of the high number of people who remain undiagnosed, it is vitally important that people in Nottingham get themselves checked, particularly those in the higher risk groups. By getting more people tested we can hopefully increase the amount of people diagnosed and break down the stigma associated with HIV testing”.

“I have taken a HIV test, it was a free, quick and simple blood test the results are given to you literally within 2 minutes. If I can do it, then I recommend you do too! Just pop in to Terrance Higgins Trust in Nottingham and ask for more information.”

Test are available at Terrence Higgins Trust, GUM City Hospital, the Health Shop, GPs and Victoria Health Centre. Not all places do Point of Care test which gives a result there and then. THT test 5 days a week by appointment and the test is free and confidential.

To book a test people should ring the Terrance Higgins Trust on 0115 882 0121 or pop in. They will test if staff are available.