Name of new Hucknall school will be a history lesson for pupils

Campaigners are claiming victory in their battle to retain the name of a Hucknall school when a new site opens.

Nottinghamshire County Council last year gave the go ahead for a new school to replace Beardall Street Primary School with state-of-the-art premises.

Parents of children at the school, and former pupils, set up a petition to make sure that the name lived on.

And now governors have decided to keep the Beardall name.

Children were sent home of Friday with letters that said: “After collating all the responses from children, staff and parents about the preferred name option for the new school, the Governors have made a final decision on the new school name. This will be Beardall Fields.”

Dad-of-five Stuart Pocklington, who has three children at the school, has been helping to spread the word about the petition.

He told the Dispatch: “This is good news for Hucknall. It seems the governors of the school got the message about how popular the name was.”

John Wilkinson, a Nottinghamshire county councillor for Hucknall, said that the news was to be welcomed.

He said: “It’s fantastic. It’s an historic school and so for the new school to have a link to the past is great.”

The online petition was signed by more than 170 people, with some leaving messages.

Mary Butler, of Nottingham, wrote: “Beardall Street was named atfer my ancestors, the Beardalls, who owned land on what was originally called Beardall’s Lane, so I really think the school should keep the name Beardall.”

And Tracy Smith, also of Nottingham, added: “If everything changes to new our children will never remember the past and I thought history was important. I’m all for change but we must remember where we came from and our history.”