New bin-emptying schedule

WHEELIE-bin emptying day is set to change for households in Bulwell.

Nottingham City Council is revising routes that trucks take when emptying bins in a bid to make the service more energy-effeicient and fuel-efficient and, therefore, more cost-effective.

Up to 70% of Nottingham residents will be written to over the coming weeks to notify them of new bin-collection days.

The routes have been left unaltered for years and do not take into consideration the introduction of kerbside recycling schemes.

As a result of the proposals, which take effect on Monday November 21, residents may see changes to the day their rubbish is collected and alterations to the schedule for emptying, on alternate weeks, of bins specifically for recyclable and household waste.

The changes are aimed at saving more than £700,000 a year.

Residents can log on now at with their postcode to find out the changes for their street.