Plea for action on ‘horrendous’ road

DANGER -- heavy traffic at the Annesley Cutting junction -- DISPIC NHUD11-2801-1
DANGER -- heavy traffic at the Annesley Cutting junction -- DISPIC NHUD11-2801-1

A PLEA has been made for improvements at an “horrendous” road-junction that is a hotspot for tailbacks and accident near-misses.

Sue Peat (54), of Park Avenue, Annesley, says Annesley Cutting, at its junction with the A611 Derby Road, has caused problems for drivers for years.

At peak times, traffic filtering into Annesley off the M1 and cars looking to join the motorway brought the area to a standstill.

Now Sue, who works at the Hazelford Way Industrial Estate at Newstead, is calling on Notts County Council to take action.

“It’s the same every day,” said Sue. “I have spoken to no end of people and they all say they have been suffering for years too.

“Sometimes I am lucky to get straight out. But I counted 15 cars in front of me the other day. I just sit there seething, to be honest. I don’t suffer from road rage but it winds me up!”

A Facebook page has been set up to highlight the problems. And Sue fears they will get worse when new housing is built on the former Annesley Colliery site nearby.

Although traffic lights have been suggested, Sue favours a mini-roundabout at the junction.

“If we raise awareness of this horrendous junction, we might be able to get something done,” said Sue, who has contacted local councillors and Ashfield’s Labour MP, Gloria De Piero.

“There will be an accident, and it will take an accident to get a roundabout.”

Kendra Hourd, highways manager at Notts County Council, said it had looked into improving the junction in 2005.

It was found that road widening would be needed to install lights or a roundabout. But this would be “very problematic and expensive” because of a watercourse next to the A611 and neighbouring properties, plus local opposition to the proposal.

She added there were no plans for alterations but crash-reduction teams would continue to monitor the junction.