Relaxing rules on centre road

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A plan to extend parking restrictions on Annesley Road in Hucknall could change waiting timesfrom 30 minutes to two hours .

Nottinghamshire county councillor John Wilkinson proposed changing the times in a bid to improve access to businesses.

Coun Wilkinson said the matter was raised by a number of traders following disruption caused last summer when Western Power Distribution dug up the road to lay an electricity cable.

He said: “Thirty minutes is really old fashioned - there aren’t many places that still have that restriction.

“The general consensus is for two hours. Hopefully all being well it will come into force later this year.”

However, not all businesses back the idea. Traders whose customers pop in for a few minutes are concerned the relaxation of rules will mean a reduction in available parking spaces.

But gyms and hairdressers have welcomed the move. A consultation finished in January.

Coun Wilkinson said: “I have had informal chats with people on Annesley Road and the general view is that people are optimistic.”

To comment on the plan please visit Nottinghamshire County Council’s website and search for Annesley Road, Hucknall (Parking Restrictions) Traffic Regulation Order 4154.