Safer Neighbourhood team in bike lights give away initiative

Hucknall West’s Safer Neighbourhood Committee hasinvested in 50 sets of bike lights in response to complaints and concerns over cyclists.

A number of people have raised the issue of cyclists riding around the district at night without any lights on their bikes so the SNC have responded.

“We have 50 sets to give-away on a first come first served basis,” said Coun Chris Baron who is secretary of the committee.

“This is about tackling an issue and to help keep people safe.”

Both front and rear lights will be issued and fitted free of charge by members of the committee and volunteers.

Children and adults can benefit from the initiative.

All you have to do is take your bike to the Nabbs Lane BMX track on Saturday 8th March between 10am-12noon.

“It is just one of the many ways we act to show our commitment to the community and tackle crime and safety across the district,” added Coun Baron.