Three-legged dog is film star

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! -- meet Holly (right) and Chewie behind the bar at the Harrier with Sandra and Colin -- DISPIC NHUD11-1888-7.
LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! -- meet Holly (right) and Chewie behind the bar at the Harrier with Sandra and Colin -- DISPIC NHUD11-1888-7.

THE WORLD of showbusiness is said to be a dog-eat-dog world. But for one of Hucknall’s newest residents, the phrase definitely rings true.

For the Dispatch can shout ‘lights, camera, action’ and introduce star pooch Holly, who has a list of credits to her name that include a TV detective show and a Hollywood movie alongside A-lister Michael Caine.

The Jack Russell is a pet of Sandra and Colin ‘Tat’ Attwood, who have just taken over the Harrier pub on Christchurch Road.

From a traumatic start in life when she had a leg amputated while living with a previous owner in London, Holly has forged a career on the small and silver screens.

Her big break came when she landed a part in 2003 alongside British actresses Pam Ferris and Felicity Kendal in the ITV detective show ‘Rosemary And Thyme’.

Holly, who is now nine, also went on to scoop a role in the movie, ‘Children Of Men’, starring Clive Owen and the aforementioned Caine in 2006.

She has even auditioned for roles in top movies such as ‘Sweeney Todd’, starring Johnny Depp.

Colin said: “We are very proud of her. I suppose she is a little star but to us, she is just Holly. We love her all the same.”

Holly was born in 2002 but was involved in a road accident in London. She was dumped at a vet’s by her owner but a good Samaritan stepped in and prevented her from being put down.

She lost her right hind-leg and still has a metal plate in her pelvis and a pin in her other hind leg.

She was later taken on by a family in Oxfordshire but they gave her up when one of them, who was in the Royal Air Force, was stationed in Cyprus.

Colin (44) and Sandra (55) adopted Holly while they were running a pub in Oxfordshire.

Her showbiz career launched when they responded to an advert in a local newspaper from a company called Stuntdogs, appealing for a three-legged dog.

It turned out the plea was for a canine to take on the ‘Rosemary And Thyme’ slot.

But Holly isn’t the only star in the Attwood household. For Colin and Sandra also have eight-year-old Chihuahua Chewie, who was in the BBC3 TV quiz show ‘It’s Only a Theory’ and was all set to fulfil her own role in ‘Children Of Men’ before being taken ill.

Chewie was also in the running for a popular advert, known as ‘Every Home Needs A Harvey’, which promotes the power of TV advertising.

Both dogs are on the books of Stuntdogs, which is run by Gill Raddings, who trained former ‘EastEnders’ dog Wellard and animals for the movie ‘Cold Mountain’, starring Nicole Kidman.

Colin, who took on the Harrier with Sandra eight weeks ago, added: “Both Holly and Chewie are wonderful. Who knows? There could be more roles around the corner.”