Titchfield ban warning for skate park bullies

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YOBS who bully youngsters at Hucknall’s new £100,000 skate park (pictured) risk being banned from Titchfield Park, the police have warned.

A flood of complaints has been made about gangs of youths drinking, smoking and causing anti-social behaviour at the park since it was unveiled earlier this month.

Claims have included assaults on young children, some of whom are now frightened to use the park.

Now Hucknall’s police chief, Insp Nick Butler, says his officers are putting a plan in place to tackle the problem.

High-visibility and undercover patrols will be launched, in conjunction with Ashfield District Council’s community protection officers.

Insp Butler said: “The skate park is fantastic. But we have a problem with a small minority of people who are causing upset and bullying users.

“We will be watching to make sure people are behaving themselves. If there is trouble and we can prosecute, we will.

“But we will also speak with parents and look to ban trouble-causers from the park. We have to protect young people.”

At a meeting of Hucknall Partnership Group, former Ashfield councillor Bob Gow said: “The skate park has been well received, so to have children forced off like this is poor. I understand the skate park has a reputation as far as Skegness for its quality. Problems like this really need to be stamped out straight away.”

Anyone who witnesses trouble on the skate park or anywhere else on Titchfield Park is asked to ring the police on 0300 3009999 or via the free and confidential Crimestoppers hotline on 0800 555111.