Tram stop parking angers Hucknall motorists

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Motorists have voiced fears that parking at Hucknall’s tram stop will get even worse when the line is extended.

A number of Dispatch readers have sent photos to the newspaper, highlighting what they say is bad parking at the site, which has 439 spaces.

But motorists say that there is little they can do, because they are using the park and ride and have to park somewhere.

One driver, who works in the centre of Nottingham but parks at Hucknall, said: “It’s always very busy.

“I’ve been unable to park in a bay even before 8.30am.

“I’ve also learned not to park under the lamppost as your car gets covered in pigeon mess.

“The trams are very popular and packed in the mornings and there is very often standing room only.”

Writing on the Dispatch’s Facebook page, Diane Dimler put: “Not enough spaces at both Hucknall and Moorbridge Park & Rides! The problem will be exacerbated by the influx of residents as so many newbuilds are going up.”

Ian Young said: “Unless you’re an early morning commuter, you have no chance of ever finding a space to park at Hucknall tram stop. Sadly, this seems to be the case at most Park and Ride Car Parks. I often end up driving to Wilkinson Street before I can find a car parking space, but by then it kind of defeats the purpose of using Park & Ride in the first place.”

And Stacey Hardstaff wrote: “Some of the parking I’ve seen is embarrassing! One was parked slap bang in the middle of the pavement blocking vehicles from driving through. Another was parked across 2 spaces...and it was only a tiny KA! The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough spaces, it’s that people park so selfishly.”

For some, the matter will only get worse when the tram line is extended through to Beeston.

Sammie J. Atherley put: “There is definately not enough parking its supposed to be a park and ride! When the tram opens the extented line to beeston its going to get even more cars parking there. I park at pheonix park when i go into nottingham due to the lack of spaces on in the car park and on the tram its ridiculous.”

And Stephen Goodall voiced a concern that the problem will get worse as the town grows. He wrote: “We need a larger car park. Especially, when all these new homes to built around Hucknall, Personally, I would like the new HS2 station to built at the old Watnall brick works and a new tram line put in to link up at Bulwell. While they are at it, build a new M1 junction there as well with a massive park and ride.”

The problem of parking is also having a knock-on effect on other transport.

Heather Faux, who says she is a Connect driver in Hucknall, wrote: “Most of time the cars are parked on bus stop on yellow lines at times its a struggle with the bus, so I agree there is not enough parking.”

Councillor Alice Grice said that there was a problem with parking, but that more integrated solutions were required, such as linking more buses with the tram stop so that there would be less of a reliance on cars in the first instance. This, she said, was part of Labour Party policies going forward.

The Dispatch tried getting in touch with Nottingham Tramlink but has not yet had an answer to its questions.