Turbine plan for farm papplewick-JD

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Papplewick residents living near Barracks Farm are being consulted over proposals to build a wind turbine on farmland prior to seeking planning permission.

Marshalls Farming at Barracks Farm are currently engaged in a consultation exercise before submitting the application to Gedling Borough Council inline with new planning legislation.

The single wind turbine will measure 50m in height to the hub and 77m to the blade tip. It will have three blades and an output of 500kw and be located on farmland north east of Papplewick Village, off Green Lane.

It is hoped the turbine will offset rising energy costs across the business and reduce the operation’s carbon footprint.

The parish council heard about the proposals at their recent meeting on 12th March when representatives gave a presentation about the proposals.

“It is understood that a full planning application, which includes a consultation period will follow shortly, when parishioners will be able to comment on the proposals,” said a council spokesman.

“It is understood that incentives to benefit the local communities affected by such structures are common place and an offer of £2,500 payable for 20 years to the parish council is believed to be included in the proposals. The council expects to make a formal response to the consultation when this is open.”