UFO caught on camera

A MYSTERIOUS ball of light has been spotted in the skies above Linby – prompting claims that the Dispatch district is a hotbed for UFO sightings.

As our photo shows, the burning sphere was captured on camera by Hucknall man Roy Walters (58), of Sycamore Close.

It rose from a copse of trees in Linby at about 9.40 pm on Saturday June 27.

As it climbed into the sky, it became larger and brighter.

But when Mr Walters and a group of friends paused to take a look at their photographic evidence, the object suddenly disappeared without warning.

"It was unbelievable," said Mr Walters. "When I got home, I looked through my photos and realised that we captured the ball of light on cameras several times. At first, it was in the background but we didn't realise."

Mr Walters has been interested in the paranormal and UFOs all his life.

He regularly visits parts of Linby and says he has seen numerous mysterious flying objects.

He also says that UFOs and other strange phenomena have been seen around Hucknall and other parts of the Dispatch district.

He is a member of the Sacred Heartlands paranormal society and helped conduct an investigation at The Bowman pub in Hucknall last year.

"At The Bowman, we spotted plenty of orbs," said Mr Walters. "I have dozens of photos of evidence of paranormal goings-on. Everything from orbs and strange objects to mists that show up on camera but cannot be spotted by the human eye.

"I have had lots of experiences. Something is out there that we cannot explain."

Hilary Porter, of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society (BEAMS), has taken a look at Mr Walters' latest photos.

She said: "These objects are being spotted all the time and all over the country.

"It is a real phenomena. No-one knows exactly what they are.

"They could be plasma-heated forms but they certainly have their own energy and can be very bright.

"These objects also appear to have some sort of intelligence. You can tell this by the way they move. They can suddenly change direction or suddenly disappear.

"They are often seen at tree height or sometimes lower. But we are seeing more and more as people get more powerful cameras.

"When you see these shapes, you see such an energy. We get lots of reports but we want people to keep publicising their sightings."