Victim says relationship with Bulwell boyfriend was ‘hell on earth’

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A frightened woman has relayed to a court that a two-year relationship with her Bulwell boyfriend was “like hell on earth”.

The boyfriend -- Jaden Wright (23), of Catherine Close -- appeared at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court for breaking a restraining order imposed on him after he was jailed for 22 weeks for assaulting Jemma Lemard.

And a harrowing victim-impact statement, compiled by former university student Miss Lemard, was read out by prosecuting solicitor Neil Fawcett.

“I was battered black and blue by Jaden,” she said. “I was stupid to stay with him. I ended up dropping out of university, I lost my friends and I became isolated from my family.

“I accumulated debts, started smoking ‘weed’ and ended up living in a refuge in another county.

“My self-confidence dropped and I lost weight. When he went to prison, I got a job. But when he came out, he tried to drag me back into his sordid world.

“My biggest regret is not walking away from him earlier. I wanted to report him but couldn’t face the stress.”

Miss Lemard had now split up from Wright, but said she was “terrified when I am out and always looking over my shoulder. I know if he wanted to, he could get to me.”

The court heard that the restraining order against Wright, imposed in March, banned him from contacting Miss Lemard.

But on Wednesday 6th November, he sent her a message on Facebook, via an account he called Loyalty Before Royalty.

Miss Lemard printed it off and handed it to the police, who arrested Wright and took him to the police station at Bridewell in Nottingham.

Mr Fawcett said that while there, Wright flew into a rage and punched a tissue-dispenser off a wall and on to the floor.

“He was then extremely violent and aggressive in his cell, kicking out and making numerous threats to kill Miss Lemard,” Mr Fawcett went on.

“Wright shouted: You best get her out of Nottingham because she’s dead!”

Wright pleaded guilty to charges of breaching the restraining order, criminal damage and making threats to kill.

However, Michaela Dunk (defending) said he had no intention of carrying out the threats and only sent the Facebook message because he was worried for his own safety after seeing one of Miss Lemard’s relatives several times outside the home of his uncle where he was living. He also disagreed with most of the points made in Miss Lemard’s statement.

“He accepts he snapped and lost his temper at the police station,” said Miss Dunk. “But was in a heightened emotional state and very angry because he had not been able to take medication he is on for anxiety and depression and to keep him calm.

“He has had a difficult upbringing, witnessing domestic violence and getting involved in gang-related activity. He needs help from probation officers.”

Deputy District Judge Alan Fowler pointed out that Wright had “a list of convictions for assaults against women”.

He imposed an eight-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and extended the restraining order from four years to an indefinite period. But he also ordered that Wright be supervised by the probation service for two years.