Video: two rescued during fire

A man and an elderly woman were rushed to hospital in the early hours of Saturday morning after a fire in their Huthwaite home.

Their neighbours on Barker Street said the woman was rescued from a downstairs room and the man from an upstairs room, but both were believed to have suffered burns.

Fire crews from Ashfield, Mansfield and Alfreton were called to the fire at about 3am.

A neighbour living in the adjoining house said: “I was awoken by a loud bang and a whooshing noise.

“I am having some work done on my house and thought the scaffolding had fallen down but then I heard another loud bang and saw flames leaping out of the windows.

“There were three fire engines outside for quite a long time.”

Six breathing apparatus, two hose reels, a positive pressure ventilation fan and thermal image camera were used during the rescue operation.

The cause of the fire is not yet known.

At the time of publication Chad was unable to establish the condition of the man or the woman.