Abolish parking charges and sack ‘Little Hitlers’

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JUST to reiterate what most people say about the regeneration of Hucknall town centre.

I totally agree with the idea to abolish car-parking charges which, I believe, are set to double.

The charges just play straight into the hands of the Tesco supestore.

Also, we need to get rid of the ‘Little Hitler’-type parking wardens, who also discourage people from entering the town centre.

The wardens even issue tickets after people have driven away, which happened to me once. It took more than a year to sort it out after one court-case and numerous visits and letters from a bailiff. This would probably make a very good public-interest story too. I am still in possession of all the paperwork etc.

It seems to me, and maybe other local people, that the council is keen to invest £12 million to pedestrianise 200 yards of High Street, just so people can walk safely and peer into empty shops, while on the other hand drive every one away from the town centre.