Animal-lover Ann is caring and calm

I AM writing to you regarding the controversy about the dog haircut at Ann’s Dog Parlour in Hucknall.

The lady who made the complaint was well out of hand. I have been taking my dogs to the parlour for seven years now and have at all times found Ann to be a very caring person.

On the day of the haircut in question, I arrived as Ann and the girls were trying to sort out the lady’s dog.

I can guarantee that the picture she gave to the Dispatch to show how her dog looked before the haircut was NOT the dog in Ann’s parlour.

It was in a very sorry state and if I had been Ann, I would have reported her to the RSPCA as it looked a mess. Nothing like the picture she gave you.

All I can say, as a customer of Ann, is that’s she a real animal-lover. My dogs love going to see Ann and the girls. They never want to come home when I collect them.

I have once before stayed with Ann while she was cutting a dog’s coat and I was amazed at how calm the dogs are around her and how loving and caring she was.

I would highly recommend Ann for the grooming of any animal. You couldn’t find a more caring, honest, respectful person than Ann.



(Address supplied).