Ashamed by relationship with Colonel Gaddafi

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I WOULD like to thank Neil Unwin (last week’s ‘Your Opinions’) for reminding us all what the true interpretation of democracy really is.

If we thought we had any remnants of democracy left in our system, this has been ruthlessly destroyed in recent weeks over the disgraceful state of affairs our governments have left us with over their relationship with Gaddafi’s Libya.

They have brought our countries’ reputation and the principles of democracy into total disrepute.

It is quite clear that the Blair and Brown administrations misled us for whatever political, personal and economic gains. Also we are led to believe that MI6 was still operating in Libya until February 17 this year, under the current government’s administration. This information came to us by default.

What else are they not telling us or admitting to? You have to question why there has, to date, not been complete disclosure over the Hillsborough disaster.

Like many others in this country, I feel absolute shame for the way in which we, as a nation, will be viewed when the majority of us, who uphold values of decency and morality, will now always be tarred with a brush which paints a very ugly portrait of the British people and political system. We have the nerve, as a nation, to criticise other countries for their record on human rights. I no longer feel we have a right to.

This current debacle only serves to prove that we, as British citizens, should never trust those in power. That we will always be lied to. That there are always dark waters in which they perpetually bathe.

Furthermore the front page of last week’s Dispatch reported that local MPs were shellshocked and furious regarding the recommendations of the Boundary Commission. In the United States, which has five times our population, they have 535 elected senators and representatives.

We have currently 650 elected MPs and 792 unelected in the Lords.

Why do we need so many MPs? It looks as though we could make some massive savings.


Minster Close,