Blocked gutters can cause problems for neighbours

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A MESSAGE to Nottingham City Homes, which is responsible for maintenance repairs to council houses here on Hempshill Vale Estate in Bulwell, and elsewhere.

These repairs should include the checking and cleaning of tenants’ roof-gutters, which are shared with their home-owning neighbours.

It’s been more than six years since my tenant neighbour had the roof-gutters on their home, which are joined on to mine, checked and cleaned.

As a home-owner, I am responsible for cleaning, repairing and replacing the roof-gutters on my home, up to where they join on to the tenant’s. It’s unacceptable that no maintenance has been done on the tenant’s side for such a long time. Debris can block gutters and cause all sorts of problems for adjoining neighbours.

If the tenants are supposed to climb ladders to do this task, then they should be told. Some tenants are unable to climb ladders. So what arrangements does Nottingham City Homes have? It must sort this out and explain itself through the Dispatch, so that other residents, with similar issues, will know.

This certainly needs a response from the repairs and maintenance staff, who should work with owner occupants.

L.M.GILL, Mira Flores,

Hempshill Vale Estate, Bulwell.