Dog mess, Asda and the missing bra......

I HAVE been away on a short break by the sea and very nice it was too. Therefore, I have missed the last couple of editions of the Dispatch.

So, on my homecoming, I need a little help to clear my mind. There are lots of rumours and stories flying around the local alehouses.

My first question. The authorities seem unable to control the steaming piles of dog poo, created by some dogs and their irresponsible owners. Is it through a lack of resources? If so, is a dog cull the answer? I think not. Education is.

My second question concerns the possibility of a housing and an industrial estate, together with a relief road, next to the bypass. I have heard a rumour that it is just a ploy to open up all the land for development. Houses there, houses everywhere and an end to all this green and pleasant land!

But we do not need them. We do not have a problem with illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers in this area, as far as I know. Surely it`s the south that is crying out for cheap, affordable housing. Also, lots of people are saying that once the land has been opened up, Asda is going to be build next to the bypass. Do we need another supermarket ? I think not. The new planning rules are only going to make the above easier.

Now there is also the strange case of the missing bra . This is not a joke. It is a real tale. A 36DD black bra, with little, embroidered roses, has disappeared from a washing line. Is it a robbery or a hold-up? If anyone can help, please post your information or thoughts.


Washdyke Lane, Hucknall.