How will council pay for boost to workers’ wages?

HOW very noble of the big cheeses at Ashfield District Council to sign up to paying their employees the more generous ‘living wage’ as opposed to the minimum wage.

But how is this going to be financed, I wonder? Perhaps bosses are going to take a pay cut to help out. Mmm, can’t see that happening.

Maybe the council has decided to improve efficiency, therefore generating more profits to cover the extra costs. No, that can’t be right as the council doesn’t have to turn any profits in order to survive (unlike the prvate sector).

So, the answer must lie in the fact that there has been no economic stroke of genius to pay for this, is it simply going to dip into public funds?

At a time when public expenditure is supposedly stretched to the limit, when the majority of public sector workers enjoy better pay and conditions than their private-sector counterparts, I find this sort of action arrogant in the extreme.

If the council leaders are geniuinely sincere about improving the lot of lower paid workers then perhaps they should concentrate on lobbying central government on raising the personal allowance, therefore taking people (both public and private sector) out of taxation altogether.


Ashley Grove,