Hucknall High Street does not look the same

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THE High Street, with the empty shops, does not look the same;

Where are all the shoppers? Is Tesco to blame?

There are old men wearing baseball caps,

Small children eating pasties and big baps,

Shirts worn outside the trousers on to the thighs,

Trying to hide who ate all the pies.

Teenage mothers with mobiles and pushchairs,

Council tax and rent paid, no fears.

Overweight parents shouting and cursing

At children not long out of nursing.

Adults unable to move without a walking aid

That is always discarded when on parade.

So many tattooed necks, legs and arms;

All this indulgence to display their charms.

Thugs waiting to show their brutality;

Is it the steroids that give this identity?

‘Good mornings’ met with vacant stares,

Whatever happened to our yesteryears?

The not-so-diverse tapestry, quiet and loud,

Observations from a face in the crowd.


Ogle Street, Hucknall.