I always clean up after dog

WITH reference to the Letter in the ‘Have Your Say’ section of the Dispatch under the heading ‘Offenders Should Be Named And Shamed’. I believe I am the person referred to.

Each morning I take my dog for a walk on the Washdyke Lane recreation ground (not the children’s play area) and always clear up any mess that is made and dispose of it in the bags provided by the Ashfield District Council offices on Watnall Road. I place it in the appropriate bin as required by law.

I think that the correspondent should realise that this is a female dog to which he/she refers.

For your information, male and female dogs each have a different position when passing urine. A male dog raises its leg whereas a female dog squats down, as on this occasion.

Perhaps Name and Shame should pay more attention to the road ahead when driving as required by the ‘Highway Code’ or maybe face prosecution for driving without due care and attention in the future.

Please get your facts right before making unsubstantiated allegations.



(Name and address supplied).