If we kick out the mainstream politicians, who do we replace them with?

IN response to Ray Wilshaw’s Letter in last week’s Dispatch (‘Pensioners Should Stick Together’), I agree.

I was born in 1947 and as I approach my State retirement date, I looked forward to at last getting a break from the taxman — only to see it taken away from me.

Let us be quite clear. I was actually being given nothing. I was only going to get back some of the vast amounts I paid in over all the years I worked and paid my taxes honestly. I agree with Ray. We should stick together and send a message to our politicians.

Now comes the dilemma of who do we vote for. The current government, which plundered the pensioners? Or do we allow Labour the chance to ruin the economy again?

Considering the quality of both front benches, we are left with few choices. No wonder we have the problems we have now and have had. Both front benches are populated by those from privileged backgrounds, and the vast majority have never had a proper job. So how can any of them deal adequately with any of the problems that the vast majority of us face?

So I agree with Ray. Let’s kick them all out. However, who do we replace them with? This is the biggest dilemma I have ever had to deal with in my voting life, and I am not alone in this.


Minster Close, Hucknall.