Jesus would be more concerned with poverty and death — not dog mess

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IT was so good to read the Letters of Jane Dove and Josie in last week’s Dispatch (‘Pets Bring Happiness And Comfort’).

Thankfully, there are many pet and/or dog lovers like them to compensate for the people like Shaun Williams (‘The Answer To Dog Mess Is To Ban All Pets’) in ‘Have Your Say’ in the Dispatch of March 30.

Although I would think that, even among those who hold any detrimental views on pets and/or dogs, he’s probably (I hope) in a small minority with such an extreme view.

Jane and Josie certainly presented their views to Mr Williams on what they considered the most important things, and put the matter back into perspective.

The matter being dog mess which, as we all know, is caused by selfish, thoughtless dog owners who should clean it up after their pets. It is not the fault of the particular dog if its owner doesn’t do this. It is definitely not the fault of all the owners who do.

So why should they be penalised in the extreme way that Mr Williams suggests?

According to him, I have “become a portal for excrement” because I spend a few seconds picking up, or (as he so eloquently puts it), “juggling with dog turds” when it’s necessary. Plus, “if Christ returned to Earth”, he would be in some sort of “rage” about it.

Then again, perhaps he would be far more outraged by the many more important issues in the world, such as:

n CONSTANT wars that still kill and wound/injure hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year. During the 20th century alone they accounted for 100 million deaths, plus at least one billion wounded/injured;

n ALL the deaths and misery caused by violent crimes and drug, alcohol, tobacco and other addictions;

n THE increasing inequality, which is felt most by the three billion people living in poverty, one billion of whom are suffering extreme poverty;

n EIGHT-to-ten million people a year actually dying from starvation and disease;

n PLUS the constant damage caused to animals, their habitats and the planet by our excessive behaviour.

It seems that we “at the top of the evolution ladder” aren’t quite as superior as we like to think.

What other species has ever inflicted as much destruction on itself, other animal species and the beautiful planet on which it lives?

So, I don’t think Jesus would be very concerned (if at all) about a small problem caused by some dog owners, Mr Williams.

He would be too busy trying to deal with the vast amount of death, destruction and misery caused by human beings.

However, I’m sure most of us would agree that the problem needs to improve and I hope it will. But I don’t think many people would agree with your suggested solution, although you’re entitled to your opinion, obviously.


George Street,