Maybe voting should be made compulsory

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I THOUGHT it remarkable that my Letter about democracy in the August 26 issue of the Dispatch was so thought-provoking. Signs of a healthy democracy, in some ways, that it should provoke replies.

Governments are elected for a term of five years, maximum. I thought one of the correspondents advocated, in effect, that a referendum would have to be held every time a government wanted to do something. That would lead to static, sterile government and would be impracticable.

My beef, and it applies to all governments, is when we hand over taxpayers’ money to unelected bodies.

Men, women and children died in the Second World War. I am grateful to those people and I pay due respect to them. The freedoms and the democracy that we enjoy are in no small part attributable to these people.

One of the annoying things is when people say they are not voting. In Australia, voting is compulsory. Perhaps we should look at that.

Also, and I know this will be contentious, why not look at a written constitution? The present one, in effect, looks at history. What applied centuries ago surely cannot apply now. After all, we have round wheels.


Storth Avenue, Hucknall.