Memorial vandals should be shown war graves

I WAS shocked by the article on the front page of the Dispatch about the desecration of the war memorial of young Hucknall soldier Paul Sandford.

Those who did this disgraceful act should be ashamed. Don’t they realise that they wouldn;t be here if it wasn’t for the sacrifice of their ancestors in the First and Second Wirld Wars and other conflicts?

The culprits should give a lot of thought to the upset they caused to this young soldier’s parents. They should also apologise in some way. But usually, those who out to cause upset and mayhem are too cowardly to do that.

It may do them good if they were taken to a cemetery in France to see the graves of some these soldiers. Some were aged only 18 — about the same age as these worthless individuals who damage war memorials everywhere.


Hempshill Vale,