New systems at leisure centre are for good of our customers

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I WRITE in response to a letter in last week’s Dispatch headed ‘Squash Players Treated With Contempt’.

At Hucknall Leisure Centre, we have recently brought the booking system for squash in line with our football and badminton block-booking systems.

Effectively this means that if a customer wants to always play on the same day at the same time they can reserve this by booking in ten-week slots.

We do not ask for ten weeks’ payment up front, simply a commitment to attending the booked times by signing the block-booking form.

However, if customers know that they will be away during this ten-week period, we can account for this up front.

Some customers may still wish to ‘pay and play’ where no reservation is necessary, but there is a chance that courts will not be free on the specific days and times they are wanted.

We believe that this system, which works well with our other sports, is a fair way of running bookings for all customers. It also ensures we are making the best possible use of the facilities we have at the centre.

With regard to the telephone system at the centre, we have recently made a significant investment in a new system to cope with an increase in calls to the centre.

The new system allows us to track busy periods and volume of calls so we can respond. To support the investment, the site has also taken on additional staff to man the phones to improve our customer service.

Analysis of the additional resources has demonstrated a greater level of customer calls being answered and improved satisfaction being noted by our customers.

We are continually trying to improve our service at the leisure centre and are committed to supporting our customers to enjoy activity and achieve their goals.


General manager,

Hucknall Leisure Centre

Linby Road..