Only thing Cameron knows about poverty is how to distribute it

REGARDING the front-page story in the Dispatch of January 6, headed ‘Freezing To Death’, which was about pensioners in Hucknall and the rest of Ashfield dying at a faster rate than anywhere else in Nottinghamshire because they are struggling to keep warm in winter.

So what’s new? What did you all expect from a Tory government?

They have done exactly what the Tories did under that woman Thatcher. But this time, they have the Liberal Democrats to back them up,

Did you all not know what was coming when smiling David Cameron propped Thatcher up outside number ten, gloating?

Yes, people are freezing to death. According to a TV news channel, more than 3,000 old people died in this country last year due to the cold. So what does this government do? Take £50 off pensioners’ heating allowances, given to them by the Labour Party as a one-off yearly payment anyway. They would take the whole lot back if they could get away with it, make no mistake about that.

But it’s not just the old who are freezing. The low-paid, people on benefits, the sick and disabled are also struggling.

These people have no voice, yet these people are hit the hardest by having their benefits cut and, in some cases, taken off them.

They are even having a go at the disabled, taking their mobility off them or greatly reducing it. Who the hell stands up for people like this ? How can someone on benefit put their heating on? Their kids must be frozen.

Don’t start shouting that the country’s in a mess. They keep finding billions of pounds for war and the bankers and the top earners. They say we are all in it together. What a joke!

Tell you what, I will send the Dispatch, with its headline, ‘Freezing To Death’, to the Prime Minister and his parrot Clegg, so they can, in parrot-fashion, spell out their daft excuses to you.

People don’t need advice on how to keep warm or how cold it is. We know all that. What they want is hard cash so they can put the heating on and buy some decent food, End of.

The only thing this Prime Minister knows about poverty is how to spell it and how to distribute it to the worst off in the country.


Sycamore Close,