Party In Park criticism was in poor taste

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FIRSTLY, I would like to point out I am not a local Tory or a Tory from anywhere else. I am a Hucknall resident and taxpayer.

Regarding the Letter from Coun Jim Grundy (Lab) in last week’s Dispatch (‘Local Tories Turned Show Into Party Politics In The Park’), I would Like to offer a point of view.

The Party In The Park was an event to raise funds for Help For Heroes, not a Tory garden party. So it is in poor taste that Coun Grundy has added fuel to the fire of the already silly notion that the issues were a battleground between the two parties.

The problems that were encountered were due to an administrative oversight, made in good faith in trying to stage a charitable event.

It is not so long ago that a man Coun Grundy’s party knows very well was running licensed community premises without said licence, apparently in error. Everyone makes mistakes, Coun Grundy, it’s how you deal with them that counts.

Had all of the councillors worked together for the greater good, I’m certain that a resolution could have been made to stage the event in its original format, which would have dispelled any notion of political agendas.

Instead, Coun Grundy, you chose to revel in its shortcomings weeks afterwards. In my opinion, that does not make you the moral compass in this affair and your time would be better spent telling us about something positive you or your party have done, rather than something negative that someone else tried.

Speak to the people behind another Hucknall charity event, Kevfest. They know how to be positive and to do something. Or dare I say it, co-operate with Messrs Marshall and Rostance and bring the town together for an event in the future.



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