Protect your vote and make it count in first police commissioner election

THERE is now less than a week to go until the first Police and Crime Commissioner elections to take place in Nottinghamshire.

We all value our democratic process, which is why I wanted to remind Dispatch readers to take care of their vote ahead of these new polls on Thursday November 15.

It is particularly important for those voting by post to fill in their ballot papers privately and return them as soon as possible.

Although electoral fraud is rare, it can involve serious criminal offences.

In the run-up to this election, my staff and I, the police and Electoral Commission have been working to prevent any cases of electoral fraud.

If anyone has evidence that electoral fraud may be taking place, they should report it to the police for investigation.


Police Area Returning Officer for Nottinghamshire.


Turn to pages 12 and 13 for a pre-election focus on the Police and Crime Commissioner vote