Shut police station and convert it into a school

OVER the past few weeks, some of the headlines in the Dispatch have made me smile.

As the government knows, they will never stop the illegal growing of marijuana. So why don’t they legalise it, nationalise it, tax it and control it?

This would stop drug dealers selling it on the streets, it would also free up police officers to fight other crime.

Do the same with prostitution and the country’s debts would be nearly solved. It would also free up even more police officers.

This brings me onto another thing that made me smile. With all these police officers put out of work, there would be no need for the under-used Hucknall police station on Watnall Road.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if the overcrowded, old and cold Beardall Street Primary School was moved into this police station. The station has a canteen, games room a car park at the front for teachers to park in and a massive car park at the back that would transform into a great enclosed playground.

There would be no need for the children to go out of the building at Christmas to perform their Nativity plays because there is a room big enough. Parents would find it easier to drop off their children, because if the road between Belle Isle Road and Watnall Road were reopened, there would be plenty of parking spaces without blocking Beardall Street, as they do now.

The council could sell the old school to Asda, thus regenerating that part of Hucknall, and being a source of employment. (probably the out of work police officers)

If the council require any more help sorting out Hucknall’s problems, I am sure there are more people out there with good ideas.


Woodstock Street,