Still taking safety risks after deaths

RECENT articles in the Dispatch have discussed speed-limit changes on Forest Lane in Papplewick after the death of a Hucknall teenager in an accident on the road.

While the changes in speed limits and lighting should improve conditions for all, it is up to drivers to drive appropriately for the conditions. Incidentally, there is no evidence that speed was a contributory factor in the accident and another in which a Hucknall boy died on Linby Road in the town.

There is, however, evidence that the ‘Put Things Right’ cycling safety campaign started by school pupils is not working.

Recently, at the end of the school day, a boy rode out of National Church Of England Academy in Hucknall in front of me, across Annesley Road, not wearing a helmet or any high visibility clothing. He didn’t have adequate lights on his bike. But then again, in Papplewick where one of the tragic accidents happened, none of the newspaper delivery people wear high visibility clothing, at least one never wears a helmet or has adequate lighting on their cycle, occasionally whilst wearing headphones as well.

Do the newsagents not have a duty of care for their employees and should parents take their share of responsibility?


Main Street, Papplewick.