Vote should only be legal if turnout is higher than 50%

I READ with interest the comments made by the Green Party in the Dispatch last week (‘The Position Of Police Commissioner Should Be Non-Political).

I would have thought that the ideal candidate for Police and Crime Commissioner would be someone with honesty, integrity and a proven track record of knowing what they are doing. Knowledge of how policing works would also be an advantage.

If, as suspected, the turnout is less than 50%, will leading politicians argue that the ballot is null and void like they always do when less than 50% of union members vote to take strike action?

I fully support the suggestion that strike action should only be valid if strike ballots get a 50% turnout.

With this in mind, can we be assured that our politicians will set an example and have the courage to take a lead on this issue?

They can ensure that general, local, bi-elections and elections for Police Commissioner will only be legal if 50% of the electorate vote and that nobody will be returned without this happening.

By the same token, votes in Parliament can only be legal if 50% of the members of each House vote on an issue. Let us have some leadership by example please.


Minster Close,