We are heading back to the Victorian era

THE other night, I was sitting in one of Hucknall`s fine social clubs, having a chat with my old mate, Wooden Top, about all the political talk in the ‘Your Opinions’ page of the Dispatch.

There are Letters flying back and forth, never ceasing to criticise the other side instead of standing up and taking responsibility for the mess we are in. A mess that was started many years ago when it was decided to destroy British industry and let the bankers rule.

It was done in Mrs Thatcher’s name and was then followed by the other side, who said: let’s spend everything we have. All parties have supported dictators around the world to suit their ambitions and ignored the plight of the people.

Democracy, as I understand it, is a system where a country is governed by representatives who are elected by its people and who are politically, socially and legally equal from any background.

Now we are governed by a public-school educated elite in all parties who learn their trade by becoming assistance advisers to politicians.

After a suitable apprenticeship, the bright sparks are sent to safe seats to be elected and to return with their false smiles for the media.

We must all realise that we are heading back into a Victorian or even Edwardian era. The rich get more power and money while at the same time, the poor slip further down the scale. This cannot continue forever. Sooner or later, things will change if our system is to survive and not perish, like numerous others.


Washdyke Lane,