We need safe shopping area without danger of traffic

WITH regard to the controversy surrounding the new inner bypass for Hucknall.

I have been hearing about a ring road or bypass since I was a child. After 60 years of prevarication and foot-dragging, it has been watered down to a shadow of its original concept.

This town deserves a safe shopping area for pedestrians, without the danger of traffic.

Our towns were never designed for modern traffic. It needs to be taken away to give both the motorist and the pedestrian a better quality of life.

It can’t be pleasant to be sat in traffic jams, making journeys longer and more stressful.

I know that using the pavements in town on a busy day isn’t as easy as it should be, especially when accompanying an elderly parent or small children. With narrow crowded pavements, you really do need eyes in the back of your head.

As for shops losing trade, cars can’t park on High Street now! So what will change for motorists? They will have to use a car park, as they do now.



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