Why don’t wardens pay to park?

WHAT a joke the car-parking charges are on the Piggins Croft car park in Hucknall town centre.

As we all know, if you fail to pay the fee or park contravening the rules, then you expect to get issued with a penalty charge.

One day, I noticed one of the traffic wardens parking his car in the Piggins Croft car park in the top right corner, near where the taxis congregate, and then setting off to work in all his regalia. He did not appear to pay the fee and display a valid ticket.

After an hour had passed, I left the car park and pulled up and checked. No ticket was displayed on his car.

Obviously, he must have some kind of dispensation from paying.

How can this be right? Because if anyone else parks there to go to work and fails to display a valid ticket, they will be penalised.

It looks like, as usual, there is one rule for us and one for the parking wardens.

Can someone explain why he did not need to pay when parking in this car park to go to work and why the public are penalised if they do the same?


Shortwood Avenue,


(Name supplied).