Ex-Town boss: ‘I’m heartbroken’

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OUTGOING Hucknall Town joint-manager Gary Sucharewycz says he is ‘heartbroken’ at the events of the last few days at Watnall Road.

Having overseen a stunning 4-2 win at King’s Lynn on Saturday, barely three days had passed before he and Ian Robinson were told no more money was available, the duo therefore deciding they could stay no longer.

They have since taken over at Grantham Town, although that appointment is not believed to be related to their decision to leave Watnall Road.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Sucharewycz said: “I’m heartbroken at the moment. We’d put so much hard work in and got a great team together, one which if we’d started the season now could probably have got us into the play-offs.

“But I feel we were led down a path with no real truth. It was clear we were working on a shoestring budget and we had no complaints about that, but we were assured what we did have was easily available to the end of the season. We asked this several times during the interview process and were told just that.

“In exchange, we said we’d work hard and bring good players in, which with the contacts Ian and I have we were able to do, but it seems bills weren’t being paid and while we’d loved to have stayed it would have been impossible to do a good job in the circumstances.”

Sucharewycz and Robinson had spent their spell in charge building a competitive squad and two wins in a row signified things were looking up on the pitch.

“We’ve been let down and the players have too and it’s left a very bad taste in the mouth,” added Sucharewycz.

“We brought players in from good clubs in good divisions and on the promise that the club was stable, only to suddenly have to tell them they can’t stay.

“These guys were coming in often for very little money but they wanted to work with Ian and I so that helped us a lot.

“With the two wins having put us on such a high it felt like we’d worked a miracle and I honestly believe we’d have stayed up quite comfortably.

“The money was there every week but then it suddenly ran out with no warning to us.

“I’m just so sorry for the players who gave us everything and I’m gutted that we can’t see what would have happened if things had carried on as they were.

“To go from the highs of Saturday, when we were outstanding in beating King’s Lynn, to this chain of events just a few days later is so disheartening.”

Sucharewycz has now called on those left behind to ensure the club survives and to be more transparent as to what problems exist at Watnall Road.

He added: “The club has to come first, we know that, but these matters must have been known about before.

“There are some fantastic people there who have put their heart and soul into the club and it’s a real shame that situations like this arise.

“Now it’s time people come out and are totally honest about everything that’s wrong, as too much has been hidden.

“I really hope those who take over can make sure the club survive. It’s time for the right people to come in and sort these problems out.

“I made my debut for Hucknall at 16 and I have a great affection for the club so it’s very sad to see this happening.”