Falcon just miss out on prize

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HUCKNALL FALCON narrowly missed out on glory in the Walter Crisp Trophy gala at the town’s leisure centre pool when they finished a close second behind champions Kimberley.

But the locals were still delighted to collect a whole host of podium finishes and personal best (PB) times.

Winners on the night were:

Calum Murray (senior boys captain, 15-and-under boys’ 50m freestyle and 50m butterfly), Steven Catton (boys’ open 50m butterfly), Sophie Hutson (nine-year-old girls’ 25m backstroke), Ryan Patel (boys’ 11-and-under 50m breaststroke, nine-year-old boys’ 25m butterfly, PB, and 25m breaststroke, PB), Ellie-May Gunn (junior girls captain, 11-and-under 50m breaststroke and 50m butterfly, PB), Harvey Green (11-and-under 50m backstroke), Sam Murden (boys’ 15-and-under 50m backstroke, PB), Archie Penlington (boys’ 13-and-under 50m breaststroke, PB), Kyle Raison (boys’ 13-and-under 50m butterfly and 50m freestyle, PB), Daniel Copley (boys’ open 50m breaststroke), Kathrine Wilson (nine-year-old girls’ 25m breaststroke, PB), James Terry (boys’ 15-and-under 50m breaststroke), Raison, Penlington, Sean Waterhouse, Jack Burbanks (boys’ 13-and-under 4x25m freestyle relay), Murray, Sam Murden, James Terry and Joe Lidgett (boys’ 15-and-under 4x50m freestyle relay), Murray, Catton, Daniel Copley and Murden (boys’ open 4x50m freestyle relay).

Second-place finishes were grabbed by:

Max Boag (nine-year-old boys’ 25m backstroke, PB), Calum Murray (boys’ Open 50m freestyle), Ryan Patel, Bradley Gregory, Max Boag, Charlie Stenson (nine-year-old boys’ 4x25m freestyle relay), Sophie Hutson, Katrine Wilson, Eve Tuckwood, Holly Yardley (nine-year-old girls’ 4x25m freestyle relay), Ellie Barker (11-and-under girls’ 50m freestyle, PB), Bradley Gregory (nine-year-old boys’ 25m freestyle, PB).

Other PBs were secured by:

Eve Tuckwood (nine-year-old girls’ 25m butterfly), Harvey Green (11-and-under 50m freestyle), Sophie Hutson (girls’ 11-and-under 50m backstroke), Sophie Melvin (13-and-under girls’ 50m breaststroke), Joe Lidgett (boys’ open 50m backstroke), Jessica Hutson (girls’ open 50m backstroke), Sean Waterhouse (boys’ 13-and-under 50m backstroke), Emma Hutson (girls’ 13-and-under 50m backstroke).

n RESULT — Kimberley 223 points, FALCON 214, Carlton Forum 192, Arnold 163, Northern 141.

n SADLY, Falcon struggled when they came up against stiff competition in the Arena League at Arc Leisure Centre in Matlock as they finished last and without a first place.

Personal bests (PBs) were: Tara Connor (11-and-under (4x50m freestyle relay), Jai Raison and Jake Biggs (as part of boys’ 11-and-under 4x50m freestyle relay), Sean Waterhouse, Archie Penlington and Kyle Raison (as part of boys’ 13-and-under 4x50m medley relay), Sophie Melvin (as part of 15-and-under 4x50m freestyle relay), Sam Murden and Kyle Raison (as part of boys 15-and-under 4x50m freestyle relay), Daniel Terry (as part of boys’ open 4x50m medley relay), Sophie Hutson (part of 11-and-under 4x50m medley relay), Sean Waterhouse (part of boys’ 13-and-under 4x50m freestyle relay), Sam Murden & Kyle Raison (part of boys’ 15-and-under 4x50m medley relay), James Terry (part of boys’ open 6x50m freestyle relay), Elise Connor (11-and-under 50m backstroke, second place), Sophie Melvin (13-and-under 100m breaststroke), Archie Penlington (boys’ 13-and-under 100m breaststroke), Sophie Hutson (11-and-under 50m butterfly), Sean Waterhouse (13-and-under 100m backstroke), Calum Murray (15-and-under 100m butterfly, second place), Kyle Raison (13-and-under 100m freestyle, second place), Chloe Melvin (senior girls captain, girls’ open 100m freestyle).

The only other result of note was second place for Kyle Raison in the boys’ 13-and-under 100m butterfly.

n RESULT — Stratford Sharks 214 points, Mansfield 208, Biddulph 205, Rykneld 170, Witney & District 158, FALCON 93.