Plan to boost gates

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HUCKNALL Town look set to reach further into the community as they aim to boost crowd figures at Watnall Road.

Attendances have struggled so far this season and the club are keen to see figures grow, not just in the short-term but for that to have a knock-on effect in the future too.

Manager Brett Marshall said: “We’ll hopefully be announcing plans soon to try and get local schoolkids into supporting us and enter into some initiatives with schools in the area.

“Promotions revolving around cut price or free entry with adults could be included and we would also like to host half-time penalty shoot-outs with local youngsters.

“The average age of fans at Hucknall is perhaps higher than some other clubs and I think if we can get a stable crowd of all ages it will bode well for the future.

“It’s about creating an even keel for the club to move forward.

“We need to let the people of Hucknall know there is a team playing at a good level of football on their doorstep and with small steps I think we can gradually push our average gates up to a good figure.”