Zoe (9) grabs the big-fish limelight

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FORGET the saying liike father, like son.

Because for prolific Hucknall fisherman Dave Williams, the phrase should be changed to like father, like DAUGHTER!.

For youngster Zoe Williams has followed in the footsteps of her father by landing some massive specimens during a fishing trip to Lake Rouge in France.

The nine-year-old hooked three fish with two carp tipping the scales at 27lb and 28lb.

But they were nothing compared the the 56lb catfish (PICTURED TOP) she landed.

Dave is no stranger to the sports pages of the Dispatch and has regularly been pictured with some of the whoppers he has caught, both at home and abroad.

But this is the first time that Zoe has shared the limelight for her angling talents.

Dave said: “It was a great trip and for Zoe to catch these fish, at her age, was brilliant.”

Dave (51), of Stainsborough Road, was dubbed ‘king of carp’ by the Dispatch.

He has been fishing since the age of five and swears by using the straightforward bait of off-the-shelf sweetcorn.

Earlier this year he hooked an impressive mirror carp — weighing in at 34lb 8oz — at Blue Pool near Reading.

It was just four ounces away from being his new personal best for a mirror carp caught in Britain, although he has regularly caught more weighty specimens in France.

OUR PHOTO shows Zoe alongside dad Dave with the catfish