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n String Driven Thing, ‘The Machine That Cried’ (Esoteric ECLEC2346)

These prime purveyors of portentous prog rock actually began life as a Scottish folk group in the late sixties, but the addition of demon fiddler Grahame Smith to their ranks a few years later propelled the band in a much more interesting musical direction, and this splendid offering must rank as their crowning glory.’ ‘The Machine That Cried’ actually prompted a good deal of collective head-scratching at their record label when the quintet delivered it to them for release in 1973, as the powers that be at Charisma felt that songwriter Chris Adams rather morose world view was unlikely to win over too many new converts to their cause. Nothing could have been further from the truth however, and ‘Sold Down The River’ and the title track capture ‘String Driven Thing’ at their bleakly memorable best.

n Huey and the New Yorkers, ‘Say It To My Face’ (Naim NAIMCD180)


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