The night chart toppers Slade rocked Hucknall

Slade, as pictured in 1973, with the line-up of Jimmy Lea, Don Powell, Noddy Holder and Dave Hill.

Slade, as pictured in 1973, with the line-up of Jimmy Lea, Don Powell, Noddy Holder and Dave Hill.

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The time when famous British rock band Slade visited Hucknall was recalled by local councillor John Wilmott in a talk to the town’s Probus Club.

Slade, including Noddy Holder with his big trademark hat, appeared one night at the former Hucknall-Linby Miners’ Welfare while coun Wilmott was entertainment manager there.

“They had been at the top and were on the way down,” said Coun Wilmott. “20 men turned up outside the welfare at 8.30am to arrange the gig and they had a pantechnicon full of gear.

“Before their performance, Slade were provided with a full bottle of vodka on ice, served in a bucket. They had a machine which tripled the volume and it proved a sensational night, although we had a few complaints from neighbours about the noise next morning.”

Coun Wilmott also told of a visit to the Portland Road venue by a group called Flash that was quite literally explosive.

“They were filling in at short notice for a young lady singer who was unable to attend,” he said. “After I announced them, they immediately made their mark with fireworks creating a very loud bang and the auditorium was filled with smoke.”

The audience included 65 pensioners at the Sunday night event. One of them told him: “Do you know, Wilmott, I have never seen anything like it. You are deafening me and I can’t breathe. All you need to do now is poison the beer.

“I have turned my deaf aid off and I can still hear them.”

Coun Wilmott said it was no surprise that he was brought before the welfare committee the following morning.

He went on to say it was sad to see the closure of so many pubs because they were places with a homely atmosphere where people talked to each other.

“This sort of social contact does not seem to happen so much any more,” said coun Wilmott.

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