Review: Dance ‘Til Dawn, Theatre Royal Nottingham

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Dance fans are in for a treat as the new show from Strictly Come Dancing stars Vincent and Flavia comes to Nottingham’s Theatre Royal.

Vincent Simone himself promised me a night of glamour at the ‘comedy thriller’ Dance ‘Til Dawn and I certainly wasn’t let down.

The show was a non-stop feast for the eyes and ears, full of amazingly slick dance routines, glittering costumes and some outstanding singing performances from vocalist Oliver Darley, accompanied by an excellent live band.

This show was ‘Strictly with a story’, and instead of focusing on Vincent and Flavia’s speciality, the Argentine tango, showed off an array of ballroom and Latin dances that fans of the TV programme that made them famous will know and love.

The dances were woven around a simple but entertaining 1940s Hollywood private detective story that included all of the classic devices - a murder, an affair and the path of true love.

It was anchored by PI Tommy Dubrowski, played by Teddy Kempner, who kept the plot flowing with his off-beat and comic script that explained what was happening in each scene.

The ‘gangster’s moll’ Lana was played brilliantly by Abbie Osmon, who struck me as a mix between Film Noir icon Barbara Stanwyck and Lina Lamont from Singin’ in the Rain. Her powerful voice had the audience amazed, particularly when she belted out That’s Life before being carted off to jail.

The whole cast dances are simply stunning to watch and your eyes don’t know which member of the troupe to watch.

Not much needs to be said about Vincent and Flavia - they are simply flawless in their dance performances.

Dance ‘Til Dawn is on at the Theatre Royal Nottingham until Saturday.