'Kenilworth Gypsy Horse Fair' to arrive in Notts this week

Picture: Kenilworth Gypsy Horse Fair, Facebook.Picture: Kenilworth Gypsy Horse Fair, Facebook.
Picture: Kenilworth Gypsy Horse Fair, Facebook.
Thousands of caravans and travellers are expected to arrive in Nottinghamshire this weekend for the 'Kenilworth Gypsy Horse Fair'.

The event, which usually takes place in Warwickshire, has relocated to the county this year and is set to take place at land opposite Oldmoor Lodge just off Junction 26 of the M1, near Nuthall, from Thursday, April 25.

The fair will see hundreds of stalls and horses take over the field and thousands of people are expected to turn out for the "gypsy horse fair".

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Mick Davidson, organiser, said: "It's looking good, signs will be ready to go up for the new place, which is straight off the M1 at junction 26.

"All systems go now, the field is all checked out so plan your journey and you can pull straight in on Thursday morning, April 25.

"Drive carefully, arrive safely and it will be a good fair for everyone, and no reason not to continue for many years."

However objections have been raised by residents, councillors and the police about the event, and the impact it will have on traffic flow and safety of residents.

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Three councillors, Coun Philip Owen, Coun Paul Simpson and Coun Jill Owen, have issued a statement assuring residents that there will be extra policing in the area.

The statement said: "The Kenilworth Horse Fair is relocating to Nottingham this year and there is a lot of concern about the impact this will have on the surrounding areas, due to damage to local pubs and businesses at past events at Kenilworth.

"This is an update on the situation. We have had a meeting with the police who have given us a detailed briefing.

"They will be liaising with businesses in the area to offer advice and support.

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"They confirm the information that has already been circulated that there will be a strategy meeting to be held on Tuesday morning (April 23).

"The issue of seeking an injunction will be considered but this is not made easy because ideally this should obtained by the landowner, who are the Severn Trust.

"They are apparently arguing that because the land is leased it should be the lessee who secures an injunction because of the costs involved.

"We have emphasised the need for the Police to press the point at the strategy meeting that an injunction should be sought.

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"In the event that this fair can't legally be stopped because of the lack of co-operation of the land owner/tenant then the police want us to reassure members of the public that there will be a significant police presence on the streets of Nuthall and Kimberley and that they are actively producing policing plans for the event.

"The entrance to the field is at Junction 26 and it is anticipated that there would be considerable disruption to traffic flow.

"At the strategy meeting there will be officers present from the highways authority who will be able to offer their expertise.

"The police have asked that this information be circulated to all of our contacts in Nuthall, Strelley, Watnall and Kimberley."

The fair will run until April 28.