Hucknall Tesco shuts off area for 'non-essential' items in line with new Government lockdown advice

Shoppers in Hucknall and Bulwell have been left feeling baffled after retail giant Tesco closed off certain areas of two supermarkets due the new national lockdown.

Monday, 9th November 2020, 5:25 pm

While shops in England have not been ordered to stop trading ‘non-essential’ goods – as they were in Wales recently – customers have been barred from the clothing departments wherever they are placed on the second floor.

The situation has been causing confusion for customers such as Linda Thornelow, who said: “Hucknall and Bulwell stores have both blocked off the inessential items so they cannot be purchased.

"This goes against government guidelines who have stated that can be purchased from supermarkets. Why do Tesco think they don’t gave to follow these guidelines?”

Shoppers have been left confused by the new Covid security rules at Tesco's store in Hucknall.

Harriet Edgworth, a shopper at the Bulwell store, said: “What happens when a child is in need of clothes or shoes as they now have a hole in theirs? What if a small kitchen appliance breaks?

"The store is already open, it makes no sense. Luckily I can use Top Valley when I need to but it’s still insane.”

In fact, the company is complying with guidelines, which require shops in England that have "sufficiently distinct parts" to close those areas selling non-essential items to limit interactions between customers and the opportunity for the disease to spread.

A spokesperson for Tesco said: “In line with new Government guidance in England, which requires the closure of separate floors selling non-food items, we have closed the clothing and general merchandise departments in our stores that sell these products from a separate mezzanine level.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. If there's something in particular that you really need from the mezzanine level, though, please just speak to one of our in-store colleagues and they’ll be happy to help you.”

Customers will still be able to access toilets, or health and beauty aisles, if these are located on mezzanine levels, and our colleagues will be on hand to help customers access any other items that they need.

In line with Government guidance, clothing, general merchandise and Tesco mobile shops will stay open if they are located on the main shop floor.