Former Hucknall micropub is being turned into a takeaway

Work is underway to convert a former Hucknall micropub into a fast food takeaway.

Monday, 19th April 2021, 4:23 pm

And it has drawn a lukewarm response from many residents who are unhappy to see another food outlet opening in the town.

The former Boatswain pub on Watnall Road, is becoming the Papa Franko takeaway, serving gourmet burgers, pizza, kebabs and fried chicken.

The takeway’s owner, Mr Yogesh Kaushal, applied to convert the premises into the new takeaway last year, after the Boatswain closed down.

The new Papa Franko takeaway on Watnall Road is currently being fitted out ready for opening. Photo: Suzi Williamson

Mr Kaushal was granted planning permission by Ashfield District Council in December last year with permission top be open between 9am and 11pm, Monday to Saturday, and 9am to 10pm on Sundays.

The mircopub had been operating at the site since 2017, but closed down last year.

And the fact it is is being replaced with another fast food takeaway in Hucknall has frustrated a number of residents, who took to the Hucknall People’s Community Facebook page to air their views.

Karen Smith said: “Do we really need another takeaway?”

Nicki Valentine wrote: “Just what we need, another burger joint.”

Julie Murphy posted: “Oh no, not another one, just had new one open across the road. What is the council thinking letting all the same things open?”

Kathleen Chadbund put: “Not another food outlet, we need shoe and clothes shops.”

And Marie Harrionson said: “Why can't we have a Shoe Zone or something similar?”

But David Terry wrote: “I love how everyone moans about these new places opening – it's not your money. If it was your money then spend it on opening a Shoe Zone, Asda or any other kind of shop or venue that you would like to see. I'm happy to see that people actually want to invest in Hucknall.”

Andy Hall said: “Better than a charity shop.”

And Jacqui Brown posted: “It's nice to see that another empty shop is being used, and not left looking like a ghost town. Any decent shoe or clothes shops are not going to come to Hucknall, as you have the local supermarkets that price them out, plus the rates are so high on the high Street.”