Hucknall and Bulwell hairdressers can't wait to see you again

While pubs are the businesses people are most looking forward to seeing re-open next week, hairdressers and barbers are very close second.

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 5:04 pm

Thanks to lockdown, many of us are now walking around with far longer locks than we would usually prefer and are now desperate for a trim.

And the hairdressers set to re-open on Monday, April 12, people up and down the land have been ringing around to make an appointment with the clippers.

The haidressers and barbers too are counting down the days until they can pick up their scissors again.

Hairdressers can finally re-open from Monday

And many of them are going to be very busy when they get back to work.

"I am fully booked up until June, says Sharon Jones of Top To Toe in Hucknall.

"But I am looking forward to re-opening more than anything, it’s felt like a very long time this lockdown period and I just want to get back.

"It’s been very frustrating and then when we re-open, we have to pace ourselves back into work, make sure we do the job properly and follow all the new procedures and guidelines in place means it’s not easy.

"But we’ve worked hard to make sure everything is 100 per cent Covid-safe because the main thing is we are re-opening and that’s what everyone wants.

"I am absolutely confident about re-opening, I’m excited and I’ll keep doing this until someone tells me I can’t.”

Andrew Hill, of Gentlemen’s Hairdressers in Bulwell is also ready to get back to work next week and has a full book of appointments ahead.

But he’s relishing the task to come as it means more time talking to customers, which he says is the best part of the job.

He said: "I’ve been answering the phone non-stop for about one-and-a-half days and 12-hour days for the next seven days.

"But I’m looking forward to it, it will be nice be doing something again.

"My job is hairdressing but it’s people as well and I’ve missed the people and you realise how much you do miss them when you can’t see them.

"Everyone can sometimes get a bit fed up with the job but I never get fed up with the people, it’s all about the community for me.”