Hucknall pubs looking forward to getting customers back inside after busy re-opening following lockdown

Several pubs are back open across Hucknall and Bulwell after the latest round of lockdown easing measures came into force on April 12.

By John Smith
Thursday, 6th May 2021, 8:18 pm

And many are reporting as roaring trade as is possible under the current limitations as drinkers finally get the chance to have a proper pulled pint again.

At the moment, only pubs with beer gardens are able to serve customers as people can only sit outside until the next round of restrictions are eased on May 17.

Pubs have been able to turn car parks into makeshift beer gardens in order to be able to re-open.

Joel Wright, assistant manager at the Nabb Inn, is looking forward to welcoming customers back into the pub again

But even the limitations of being outside and the rule of six haven’t deterred drinkers from getting back to their locals.

And it’s led to some busy shifts for pub staff getting back to work, especially as the re-opening coincided with a sunny spell that saw people flocking to beer gardens to enjoy a drink in the warm weather.

Chris Brooks, manager of the Broomhill Inn in Hucknall said: "Overall, it’s been busy but we’ve coped with it and it’s really good to be open again and hopefully we can get back to something like normality again soon.

"It’s been hard work, because it’s completely different with us being outside and with the outside dining because it’s so weather-dependent.

Pub manager Chris Brooks (right) and customers enjoy a drink in the Broomhill Inn's re-opened beer garden

"There was a lot of running around and we’ve got tables in the car park too, so the staff were constantly backwards and forwards with change, with food, with drinks, it was non-stop.

"We’re getting by at present but we really just want to get people inside now.”

That sentiment was echoed by Joel Wright, assistant manager at the Nabb Inn.

He said: “It’s been up and down with the weather but overall it’s been great to be back into the swing of things.

"We’re very, very busy at weekends because we’re picking up customers from some pubs that haven’t opened yet and it’s been great to see some new faces as well as our regulars.

"From a staff point of view, our feet have definitely noticed things have been different.

"We’ve got a scheme going on with Greene King where the number of steps each staff member does each week is turned into a donation to Macmillan and so far every staff member is doing more than 100,000 steps each week.

“We are definitely to getting people back inside now and I know our customers are too.

"The regulars are looking forward to being able to sit in their usual seats again."

At the Station Hotel, they are also looking forward to getting people back inside again after opening up for full weeks again, having initially limited the hours.

Laura Hollis, supervisor at the pub, said: "We started off opening just at weekends and now we’re open all week again and it’s been all good, we’ve been very full.

"We’re definitely all looking forward to being inside again and that’s coming soon, but overall it’s all be very positive since we re-opened.”

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