Marc clocks up charity Miles...

His gastro pubs turn out some of the finest food in the city.

But what has really impressed Milestone boss Marc Sheldon is how so few ingredients can go so far – and how the poorest of people can be the most hospitable.

Marc is back from a charity trek around Sri Lanka, an experience he describes as one of the most humbling of his life.

The trip opened Marc’s eyes to the true importance of food – and the real meaning of hospitality.

It inspired him to return to the kitchens of the pubs he runs with co-owner Matt Bigland to wage war on waste.

“Many Sri Lankans live in real poverty and have barely any food, yet they invited us into their homes to share what they had. It was so humbling,” says Marc.

“Their food is stunning, especially considering the tiny amount of ingredients they have, and every scrap is precious.

“It made me feel guilty about the food we waste in the UK and think about what the restaurant industry throws away.

“We have to give choice; we can’t run out of things on the menu. But we need to find new ways to reduce waste.”

Marc, aged 29, raised over £2,000 for conservation, schools and families in Sri Lanka by taking part in the Large Minority charity’s Lanka Challenge 2011, a sponsored team event.

He and friends Mark Flinders and Adam Stringer came second after trekking the country for 12 days in a Tuk Tuk, completing eco-friendly tasks against six teams.

Now he plans to raise more for the Sri Lankans by making Large Minority the Milestone’s Charity of the Year next year.

And he’s hinting that flavours from the East might one day inspire his and Matt’s third venture.

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