Taxi firm Uber wants to recruit 800 new drivers in Nottingham area

A taxi firm is looking to recruit 800 more drivers in Nottinghamshire as the amount of trips booked through its app have rocketed during the pandemic.

Thursday, 16th September 2021, 2:58 pm
Updated Thursday, 16th September 2021, 2:58 pm

Uber has seen a 44 per cent increase in customers since before the first lockdown and is now hiring more staff to cover the Nottingham area.

It’s part of a nationwide recruitment drive to sign up a further 20,000 drivers as demand for rides continues to ramp up.

Driving with Uber means that employees will get access to Uber’s industry-leading worker protections, which include an additional 20% of your earnings in holiday pay and a pension.

Hundreds of new taxi drivers are needed in the Nottingham area.

Uber drivers receive parental leave payments, sickness and injury cover and occupational accident cover.

Every Uber driver in the UK is also entitled to be represented by the GMB.

General manager Ash Kebriti said: “As we open back up, demand for Uber rides has soared, meaning that we need more drivers on the road.

“In Nottingham, we’ve seen a 44% increase in demand since before the lockdown as people go back to work, restaurants and bars.

“There’s not been a better time to sign up, especially as we’re the only operator to provide all drivers with holiday pay and, where eligible, enrolment in a pension scheme.”

Those looking to become an Uber driver can apply here.