Thousands apply for Canine Cottages critic job as deadline approaches

A dog-friendly holiday letting agency received over 1,000 applications in the first 24 hours after posting a vacancy for a '˜canine critic', and plenty more are expected before tomorrow's deadline.

Dog owners nationwide have been putting their pooches forward for the role with Canine Cottages, which would see them get four complimentary holidays at some of the company’s 1,500 destinations across the UK so they can give a dog’s perspective to other potential customers.

Canine Cottages marketing manager Georgina Allen said: “It’s great to see that so many dogs are grabbing this opportunity with all paws, especially as they are often neglected and excluded from the job market. Dogs have dreams too, guys.”

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The company has been inundated with thousands of entries over the last two weeks, inlcuding A-listers such as Harrison, a vegan dog who has his own brand of dog treats, and Barry the Puggy, a pawfessional model who has worked for the likes of Virgin Media and NowTV.

Georgina said: “The fact that we’ve had professional models and plenty of four-legged entrepreneurs apply shows just how popular this role is, and we think there should be more opportunities out there for dogs in the labour market.”

In addition to the free holidays, the lucky pup will also get a healthy salary of snacks and treats courtesy of generous pet-food brands.

The fluffy residents of the North of England have been the most proactive applicants so far, making up 30 per cent of the submissions, with the Midlands coming in second with 26 per cent and the South East in third place with ten per cent.

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The cities that most entrants have hailed from are Stoke, London and Newcastle, and the most popular names of four-legged applicants are Bella, Poppy and Lola.

Applications close on Sunday, April 22, see for more information.

Georgina said: “We haven’t made any decisions yet. If you want your barking bestie to be in the mix, please do apply – no prior experience needed.”